Telecommunication Systems
Advanced Diploma
This final level develops
specialised technical skills while
developing learners' abilities to
relate to colleagues in diverse,
interdependent units.
It takes these skills to the level
appropriate for a person 
working in the first - level
management or for someone
who wants specialised training
at a high level.
This level combines the study
of current telecommunications
and computer networks.  It is
suitable for someone who has
already learned the basic skills
and who now wants to learn a
broader range of skills and who
may have to supervise others,
or is preparing for higher
This first level provides an
introduction to the broad range
of existing and emerging
technologies that are used
fundamental to local and
global telecommunications
systems.  It is suitable for a
frontline worker or a person
beginning an academic training
These qualifications are suitable for learners who are seeking a career as technician in the telecoms
industry, those who want to become supervisors or senior technicians, ot those who want to work in ICT
Aim of the qualification
Providence offers you a career as an engineer
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