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Level 4 Diploma
The advanced level covers
financial team leader skills,
including financial statements for
limited companies, complex
management accounting tasks,
management skills and specialist
learning areas.  Once you have
completed the advanced level, you
will be awarded the AAT level 4
Diploma in  Accounting, and you
will be fully  qualified Accounting
At the international level, you will
master more complex financial
processes, including final accounts
for sole traders and partnerships,
reports and returns and
professional ethics.
Once you finish the level, you will 
be awarded the AAT level 3
Diploma in Accounting.
Level 3 Diploma
This introductory level is where you
will get to develop your skills in
finance administration: double-
entry bookkeeping, basic principals
and purchase, sales and general
Once you finish the Level, you will
be awarded the AAT level 2
Certificate in Accounting.
The AAT Accounting Qualification will start you on the path to a successful accounting and fianance career.     The training
will give you the practical skills and financial expertise to follow a rewarding career in profesional accountancy.
Aim of the qualification
Level 2 Certicate
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