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Levels are based upon the vocational competence framework which broadly describes the skills and
knowledge needed to perform a job or role effectively.

Levels 1 & 2 are for routine work activities with limited or no responsability.

level 3 : Competence in a broad range of work activities, often quite complex and non-routine.  There is
responsibility and autonomy, and control or guidance of subordinates may be required.

level 4 : Competence in applying knowledge in professional work activities , often with personal responsibility
and autonomy, and responsibility for the work of others and allocation of resources.

level 5 : Competence in applying a range of principles in various contexts. Substantial autonomy and
responsibility for others and for resources; work often involves analysis, planning, evaluation.
Cambridge International College offers you the opportunity to secure top jobs, promotion and career success through Providence International Training Institute.

CIC focuses on practical, professional, vocational Study and Training for skills to encourage career progress, development an success.
A focus on study & training for competence and career success
Different Levels
your CIC diploma and/ or
Higher Award will certify
that you have undertaken
high-quality, profesional,
accredited Study and
Training to gain competence
in professional work
activities in your business,
management or
administration career.
CIC's quality Systems,
including Programs, Study
Materials and Educational
Provision are quality audited
and appraised authorities and
idependent experts, including
EDI, a regulated accredited UK
Awarding Body of British
The College's history
streckets back over 70
years, so you can be
confident in its geat
history, reputation and
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